Having been in practice for over 30 years we have seen some very interesting things.  One of these was the effect that spinal adjustments had on people that were suffering with spinal degeneration.  They really seem to do better with regular care.

An interesting study was published in 2007.  The researchers artificially restricted movement in the spines of mice.  They did this by implanting metal rods like surgeons do sometimes for scoliosis.  They noted that if they did not restore the motion in the joints within 1-4 weeks there was irreversible degeneration that occurred.

This same thing applies to human spines as well.  When a human spinal vertebra loses it’s mobility, the degenerative process sets in quickly.  What most people don’t understand is that the degenerative process is a protective mechanism.  If a joint moves too much it will also start rapidly degenerating so there is a very fine line between moving too much and not moving enough.  If the spine moves too much it can damage the spinal cord and nerves.  Of course this is not what the body wants so it degenerates the joint to protect the spinal cord.

As our spine degenerates the health and function of the individual will start to deteriorate as well.  At hour office we are devoted to stopping the degenerative process from progressing farther.  Poor posture and abnormal spinal health have been linked to increased risk of all types of disease and pain.  Many of these problems can be mitigated by correcting and maintaining the health and condition of the spine.

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