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  • Premenstrual Tension-Men Suffer Too

     While millions of men world-wide are affected by the effects of premenstrual tension syndrome (PMS) among women, few men are capable of truly understanding it.PMS symptoms can involve breast tenderness, water retention, headaches, back and leg aches, irritability, nervousness, anxiety and depression.The monthly menstrual cycle is regulated by the body's nervous and glandular systems and any disturbance to these systems either physically or mentally can produce symptoms of PMS.Physical trauma like that resulting from an automobile whiplash or a severe emotional upset can change a normal symptom-free menstrual cycle into a monthly state of physical and emotional pain and suffering.An otherwise happy, normal and sane human being may begin to think she is "losing it," especially when she is having periods of depression and "cries for no reason at all."A chiropractic examination and X-ray of a PMS-prone woman's spine often reveals structural problems in the lumbar region, especially in the area where the lumbar nerves supply the ovaries and uterus.A regular weekly exercise program, balanced meals and periodic chiropractic spinal adjustments, especially just prior to the menstrual cycle will help relieve premenstrual tension syndrome.If you are a man suffering from the effects of PMS, please encourage the woman you love to call our office for an appointment. You will both be happy with the results.