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  • Long Cold Season of BACK PAIN

    Nothing is more welcome after the dark cold winter than the first signs that spring is coming. Nothing is more welcome after a bout if severe back pain than the first signs that relief is coming.Most people suffer back pain at some time in their life. People involved in stressful activities such as contact sports or jobs with a lot of sitting or heavy lifting are more apt to suffer back pain.Muscle relaxants may provide temporary pain relief, but do not address the cause. Commonly prescribed drugs also have side effects, including the risk of abuse. Surgery is available, but be warned, there are major risks here, too. As reported in the Washington Post in 1995, "Surgeons perform more than 250,000 lower back operations each year, yet health officials think much of the surgery is unnecessary." This article also emphasizes that the complication rate for surgery is extremely high.Conservative chiropractic care is very strongly recommended. For back pain sufferers, chiropractic is like the first signs of spring. In the opinion of many research scientists, doctors and average citizens: chiropractic is the conservative care of choice.In the March 1998 issue of McCall's Magazine, the author talks about a study, which found "patients to have more relief from chiropractors than from muscle relaxants" that medical doctors prescribe. New government guidelines point patients toward a chiropractic clinic as the first place to seek the answer for their back pain.In 1994, the Federal Agency for Health Policy and Research guidelines for low back pain concluded that spinal "adjustments," chiropractic's main treatment technique, is one of very few treatments whose value is backed up by much well-done research. It was considered a better choice than surgery, drug therapy and other conventional treatments,In 1997, 20,000,000 adults used chiropractic because of its effectiveness and because of the satisfaction they felt with their previous care or the satisfaction of someone who recommended they seek chiropractic care.Perhaps, it is time to check out chiropractic and see if you, too, can have a healthier happier spring. Call us today for an appointment.