Auto Injury Doctor Tallahassee
Tallahassee Auto Injury Doctor: What You Have to Know

Tallahassee Auto Accident Doctor Dr. Dennis Fiorini Shares Some Important Insight if You Have Been In An Auto Accident.  

Get Checked Right Away At Our Office - Even If You Feel Fine or Have Had An Exam at the Hospital.

First of all, get checked right away even if you feel fine as in Florida you have two weeks to see a doctor or you may be out of luck when it comes to specific treatment options or insurance collections.  

Even If You Feel Fine.  Pain can come later on and you may not be able to get treatment.  

Also don't just go to the emergency room as exams there are often too cursory and superficial to spot problems that lay beneath the surface or could develop over time. Again, problems not caught during time can be costly both in terms of your physical and financial wellbeing.

Even if you have had an exam at the hospital already.  Schedule your appointment with us immediately and get a thorough, comprehensive examination from people who understand the head, neck, spine, back, ligaments, tendons, muscle and bone; in addition to the forces that specifically acted upon the body during the incident.  

We make the auto injury appointment, exam and treatment process simple:
1. Call and get appointment
2. We will consult with you to discuss what happened including the dynamics of incident
3. From there we will determine potential symptoms
4. We will perform the examination including  vitals, blood pressure, respiratory, neurologic, orthopedic, and chiropractic exam.  
5. Determine if there is an injury.
6. We may want to examine further with possible x-rays, mri, ct scan depending on your individual case (done in office)
7. Analyze those results with you to determine the care plan.  
8. If treatment is necessary we will do it using our pain-free atlas orthogonal instrument to adjust the neck with light and precison targeted treatment to avoid any ligament damage and get healing started as soon as possible.

Don't wait even if you feel fine! Time is of the essence.  Schedule Your Appointment today by calling our priority customer care number at (850) 999-4137.