A recent internet article gave some interesting information on one of the world’s most famous faces. For years we’ve seen and heard in the news about the health challenges faced by Elizabeth Taylor. We’ve all seen photos of her in a wheel chair and heard about her battle with prescription drugs she had been taking for back pain. It was wonderful to read in this piece that she had sought out the care of a chiropractor with great results. She credits her chiropractor with rehabilitation and recovery from back problems. Miss Taylor is hardly the only celebrity to utilize chiropractic care to regain and maintain her health. Other chiropractic regulars include Warren Beatty, James Earl Jones, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack Nicholson, Julie Andrews, Jane Seymour, and Mel Gibson.

Another group of celebrities to utilize chiropractic to maximize health and performance are Olympic athletes. Track and field stars Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson, and Edwin Moses, as well as, diver Greg Louganis, decathalon athlete Dan O’Brien, and swimmer Sheila Taormina are a few medalists who seek chiropractic care, sometimes immediately before their competitions to enhance performance–without drugs. Boxer Evander Holyfield, was introduced to chiropractic during the 1983 Pan Am Games. He was quoted in 1988 as saying, “I have to have my adjustment before going into the ring”.

Olympic athletes are not the only athletes under chiropractic care. Professional basketball great, Wilt Chamberlain, baseball stars Wade Boggs, Barry Bonds, and Mark McGuire, and football heroes Joe Montana, Drew Pearson, and Fran Tarkenton use chiropractic. Fran Tarkenton joined Wade Boggs in claiming chiropractic has been useful in keeping him productive and prolonging his career. Boggs stated in 1998 that, “By getting an adjustment once a week…I feel I can sustain my career a lot longer.”

No one would claim that celebrities have all the answers. However, it would seem that with all the options celebrity affords them, the fact that they seek chiropractic care to meet their healthcare needs says something about the value of chiropractic for optimum health.

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