The atrocities of September 11, 2001 have affected us all. Stress levels are high. A 16% increase in prescriptions for “mood regulators” has occurred since the tragedy. Most people are at a loss as to how they can help. Like many Americans, chiropractors have donated blood and made substantial donations to the Red Cross relief fund.

However, for a growing number of chiropractors, “how to help” immediately meant doing the thing they do best: to give chiropractic adjustments to the workers at the site of the World Trade Center.

Chiropractors from all over the U.S. immediately began working 24/7 to aid and relieve the stress and trauma suffered by men and women working at the WTC site. They are using a model of care formulated when they were pushed into action by the Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City. Working six-hour shifts, chiropractors are adjusting police officers, clergy, FBI agents, “diggers”, crane operators, FEMA staff, fire fighters, and the Red Cross. In the “clinic” on site, there is a hand-lettered sign that says,

We’re Americans
We’re Chiropractors
We’ll Adjust

In a recent interview with a chiropractor from Oklahoma, some of the motivation for chiropractors volunteering was revealed. He stated that he was too young for Viet Nam and too old for the service, now, but he still had something useful to offer. He could adjust and adjust and adjust. In one six hour period, he gave chiropractic adjustments to 40 people, including one of the big crane operators who was working such long hours that his hands were numb each morning. This Oklahoma D.C. said the physical complaints varied, but all had one thing in common. Stress.

When asked about his WTC patients, the chiropractor said, “These folks are members of some Big Heart club. Though their shifts end, they stay on because they can’t imagine being anywhere else, no matter how they feel, physically. It seems like everyone has come together on this. I am so moved by these people and honored to assist them. It is a life changing experience.”

The horrific events at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have caused a great ripple of distress throughout the country. In a random survey of chiropractors, they report that more people are showing up in their clinics with headaches than ever before. There are beneficial things to alleviate this stress. Along with getting chiropractic adjustments, here are some additional suggestions:

Drink lots of water. Lots. If you ingest a lot of caffeine, drink even more water.

Step away from the images on TV. Take a walk.

Spend time with people who are good to you.

Find a way to be useful. It will give you hope. Contact the Red Cross at
To donate blood: 1-800-GIVE LIFE; to make a cash donation: 1-800-HELP NOW.

Sleep. Nap, if you can. You only heal when you are at rest.

And, YES, humor is a good antidote for stress.

As the sign at the WTC clinic says, “We’re Americans…We’ll Adjust”. Just now, we also need to take care of each other. Our office is ready to help you deal with the extra stress you may be feeling by making sure your body is as healthy and resistant to distress as it can be. Call us, today.

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