Early detection

Effective and proper healing, restore normal body biomechanics and improve overall health.

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Detecting and Correcting As Soon As Possible

The sooner a person knows that he or she has a health problem or the potential for one exists, the better the chances are that the problem can be resolved. Often, people with illnesses such as cancer or heart disease don’t exhibit any symptoms.


The Science Based Nutrition™ program helps to identify these silent problems and provide a plan to help eliminate the issue. It begins with a complete blood test—the results are documented outlining major and minor conditions.


There are instances in which further testing may be required, such as tissue mineral analysis or for food allergies to further determine the specific nature of the problem. The results of all these tests will be documented in a report and shared with the patient and will include:

  • Lab analysis which documents current disease processes and potential problems
  • How the test results relate to the patient’s lifestyle habits that could be contributing to the health issue
  • Listing of lifestyle and nutritional changes including dietary supplements to bring about a healthy resolution.


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