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We Are Looking Forward to Helping You Get Out of Pain & Restore Wellness.

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Can someone else cause or contribute to our neck pain? The answer is YES, NO and MAYBE. Common causes of neck pain that the average sufferer is aware of are, "sleeping crooked, wrong size pillow, no pillow, draft on neck, etc." These and other factors are usually only...

Are You Tortured by Hay Fever?

Hay fever is an awful illness to deal with. Sometimes referred to as "allergic rhinitis", hay fever is a name given to an annoying collection of symptoms. These symptoms are the result of the body's overreaction to a substance it reads as poisonous. The symptoms...

Answers to Pain of Sciatica

Looking for Answers to the Pain of Sciatica The sciatic nerve is created by the gathering of nerves that extend from the spinal cord down through the pelvic bones. The sciatic nerve branches out and controls the organs in the pelvis and everything else from the hips...

Have Vertigo Tallahassee?

Vertigo Scarier Than Hitchcock "If I wanted to be this dizzy, I'd go to an amusement park!" To people who have never suffered from vertigo, it doesn't seem like such a big deal. If they could think how their lives would change with their environment continuously...

TMJ Tallahassee Chiropractor

Blog / TMJ Tallahassee Chiropractor TMJ - Chiropractic Can Help TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. It is the joint where the jaw hinges to the skull just in front of the ear. The joint is held together by a complex group of muscles, tendons and ligaments. There...

You Are Family at Fiorini Chiropractic Tallahassee. 

We Are Looking Forward to Helping You Get Out of Pain & Restore Wellness.

Why Fiorini Chiropractic Tallahassee?

  • Understanding the cause of illness in order to eliminate it, rather than simply treat symptoms
  • A patient-centered, gentle, hands-on approach to care
  • Emphasis on patient recuperative abilities rather than surgery or medication

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