Golferalgia and Tee-0ffitis…Reduce Injury

Golf is becoming more and more popular in the United States. Golf includes exercise, requires skill, and creates an atmosphere of fellowship among players. Ask the right golfer and you’ll find out just how important golf is to doing business, too. Avid golfers are everywhere.

To play golf well, a healthy full-functioning body is a necessity since injuries hurt performance. The most common injuries amateur and professional golfers experience are low back, wrist, elbow and shoulder pain. Upper back pain is also a possibility.

Recently, the National Golf Fitness Society developed a list of do’s and don’ts for golfers to help reduce the chance of injury.

One of the first recommendations is to choose clubs that fit your height. Using clubs that are too short can put significant strain on the low back. Another equipment consideration is properly fitting shoes. What you stand on can help or hurt your swing and your back’s health. The right shoes, possibly including custom orthotic inserts, can improve balance and stability. Also, soft spikes are much better for the greens and your spine. Taking lessons to insure correct swing technique is another logical step.

It’s a good idea to warm up before each round. Get blood flowing to muscles and assist your flexibility by stretching and a brisk walk to the tee box. Check with your chiropractor for appropriate stretching exercises. Any other exercises that you are doing to increase your upper body strength should be checked for appropriateness, especially after an injury.

Drink lots of water while golfing. Water is necessary for replacing lost fluids in the body and hydrating spinal joints and muscles.

If your ball is stuck behind an obstruction that might jar you, take the drop. One bad swing, stopped short, could create more grief, health-wise, than taking that extra stroke.

Consistent, high level performance is everything in golf. Ask Tiger Woods. Tiger and chiropractic go back a long way. In 1995, Tiger Woods rode on the prize winning Chiropractic Centennial float in the Rose Bowl Parade to advertise what chiropractic has done for him. He attributes some of his incredible performance to continued chiropractic care. Recently, other professional golfers are following his lead. Shouldn’t you, too?

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