Chiropractic can get you back on track when you are suffering from sacroiliac pain caused by imbalance of the sacrum, the adjoining iliac bones, and the spinal bones they support. Chiropractic is very often the only positive move against the attack of low back and sacral area pain.

The sacroiliac is made up of the sacrum, a triangular shaped bone, and the surrounding large wing-like ilia, or hipbones. Normally, the sacroiliac joints form a very stable circle of support, which is further reinforced by powerful muscles and ligaments. Even minor misalignment of the sacroiliac joint can cause far-reaching reactions within the body they support. Because nerves to the lower extremities lace through the sacroiliac region, any irritation to these nerves can result in pain, numbness, weakness, poor circulation, etc.

If your body were a house on stilts, your legs would be the stilts and your sacroiliac would be the foundation of the 24 story moveable “high-rise condo” that is your spinal column. Of course, the “penthouse” is your skull, which balances up on top and contains the director of activity for the whole complex, your brain. Everyone knows that a house is only as strong as its foundation and that any imbalance of the foundation can create stress damage to parts of the house, which are built upon it. A solid foundation is critical to the “health” of the house.

It is easy to draw the comparison with the strength and proper position of the sacroiliac and the resulting spinal stability and health it insures for us. Just as a crooked building foundation could affect every wall, stress every piece of wood and steel, and potentially affect the plumbing and electrical systems in a high-rise, an unstable sacroiliac can affect all systems in the body by stressing everything that is built above it. The most common symptom is pain in the lower back and/or legs that act as a warning signal to the person in the penthouse above that something is wrong.

We chiropractors work to restore the normal nerve energy flow from the brain down through the spine, through the sacroiliac to the legs. Chiropractic treatment for this painful condition is a structural realignment of the vertebrae and the sacrum and the ilium (hips) with gentle spinal adjustments.

If you or someone you know suffers from sacroiliac pain, call us so we can schedule an inspection of the “high-rise” you live in and put an end to your discomfort.

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