We could understand leg pain if we were clipped playing football or received a forceful blow to the lower extremities, but what causes leg pain at night in bed, in the morning upon arising, or toward the end of the day?

Our legs are our primary means of locomotion, starting with crawling on up to walking, running and leaping. Legs are tools which are almost a necessity in the function of daily activities. They do a fantastic job of supporting our weight and moving our bodies from place to place.

Occasionally, the feet are even used as “extra hands” to open and close doors, guide the movement of heavy objects, pick up small objects from the floor and “kick the ball!” The postman, the policeman, the housewife and many office and factory workers depend on their legs for miles of walking each day.

Scientists have attempted to duplicate leg functions in robots using computerized electrical circuitry. But with all the advanced scientific knowledge and technology available, nothing compares to the computerized electronics of the human brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves in facilitating every day leg functions.

Like man-made electronics, whenever the “power” is shut off, there is a total loss of function (Paralysis) and if there is any kind of lesser disturbance to the electronic circuitry, wires could get hot, lights could flicker, etc.

In the body, a “hot” sciatic nerve results in the toothache-type pain of sciatic neuritis. Pressure on nerves in the lower back to the legs is usually the “cause” and could also produce numbness, weakness, muscle cramps, etc.

If there is an electronic malfunction with a robotic leg, an immediate investigation would be conducted of the electronics involved to correct the “cause” of the problem. Doesn’t it make sense that if an individual is suffering from leg pain, there must be a “cause,” also. Instead of taking medication from “temporary relief,” why not search out the source of the nerve irritation and remove that irritation?

Chiropractic spinal adjustments seek out and correct the “cause” of leg pain. Our goal is always to eliminate, not “cover up” with drugs, the source of the interference to a pain free life. Call us today and find out for yourself!!

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