Insomnia in Tallahassee

Insomnia in Tallahassee

Insomnia is described as “difficulty in sleeping, or disturbed sleep patterns leaving the perception of insufficient sleep.” It is fairly common and may be due to several physical and emotional disorders.

Contributing emotional factors can be marital strife, problems at work, guilt over emotional conflicts or concerns about health.

Physical factors associated with insomnia are generally those which produce various aches and pains, and interfere with the normal sleep cycle.

Insomnia may also be induced by the very drugs prescribed for insomnia. Patients may become drowsy in the morning, sleeping or dozing during the day, and then have difficulty sleeping at night.

Because insomnia is basically a nervous disorder, it is logical that treatment of the nervous system with gentle chiropractic spinal adjustments, along with diet control and mild exercise, is the treatment of choice. And there are no side effects or drug withdrawal!!!

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