Neck Pain Treatment Tallahassee

Seeking Neck Pain Treatment Tallahassee that is comprehensive and effective without drugs or surgery. New patients welcome.

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You Are Family. 

We Are Looking Forward to Helping You Get Out of Pain & Restore Wellness.

Seeking Neck Pain Treatment Tallahassee?

A wide array of treatments has been explored by people suffering from neck pain in Tallahassee.

Neck Pain is unfortunately, way to common in Tallahassee – we can help!

When neck pain suffers come in, we find out when they started having the pain.

The first step is the consultation & examination where we help identify the underlying cause of the pain.

Neck pain treatment might be something simple, requiring a simple treatment like massage.

In some cases, neck paint treatment might be more extensive and require further treatment. 

Your spine, including the top portion, as the neck, is made up of discs and joints. When those discs or joints get out of alignment they can put pressure on the nerve causing pain.

In some cases this may be just a one time occurance with healing occuring even naturally on its own. However, many injuries, even some that occur mildly over time, such as tech neck, could lead to much more damage and result in pain; some even chronic.

During our neck pain treatment consultation and examination we will sit down and figure out what is going on to cause the pain; if it’s something simple or more extensive.

If needed we will take x-rays to take a deeper look.

Whatever is required, know that our goal is to address the cause of the pain and to get you back to wellness as soon as possible; without the use of drugs or surgery if at all possible.

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Our Overall Chiropractic Approach

The philosophy behind the chiropractic approach is that the body is designed in such a way that it can heal itself. In addition, the objective of chiropractic treatment is to correct and fix the problem; not merely just mask the symptoms. At Fiorini Chiropractic Center in Tallahassee, a treatment plan is designed for a patient’s specific needs using a combination of gentle spinal adjustments, physical therapy, and other non-invasive modalities to rebuild core strength and attain permanent correction. Call us for your neck pain treatment appointment in Tallahassee or any other pain issues at 850-656-2200.

You Are Family at Fiorini Chiropractic Tallahassee. 

We Are Looking Forward to Helping You Get Out of Pain & Restore Wellness.

Why Fiorini Chiropractic Tallahassee?

  • Understanding the cause of illness in order to eliminate it, rather than simply treat symptoms
  • A patient-centered, gentle, hands-on approach to care
  • Emphasis on patient recuperative abilities rather than surgery or medication

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