Comment: This basically describes how ‘us’ chiropractors can effect the body.

New Discoveries in Neurophysiology Reinforce

and Change the Concept of Chiropractic

Neuro-Receptor Integration Theory

of Bio-Kinetics

Recent studies have shown that the brain and nervous system, instead of being self generating and self maintaining as previously thought, actually depend on activation of receptors in muscles, joints, skin and other special organs for proper function. Dr. Lawrence E. Newsum and Dr. L N. Toftness discovered that when this receptor activation is decreased or altered due to JOINT FIXATION, SCAR TISSUE, NEEDLE PUNCTURES, or ORGAN WEAKNESSES, there is a profound affect on the function of the brain and nervous system, thereby affecting the health and function of the entire body.

A nerve impulse is measured as a frequency. which simply means how many times per second, an impulse is sent along the nerve pathways. Nerves can he fired slowly, only a few times times per second, or quickly a few hundred times per second. The frequency of firing of a nerve is ultimately determined by the frequency with which a receptor (a tiny structure that receives environmental input and converts it to a nerve impulse) is stimulated. When these frequencies of nerve impulses reach the various parts of the brain, they, along with frequencies from receptor/nerve pathways from other parts of the body PROVIDE THE NECESSARY STIMULATION FOR THE BRAIN TO ACTUALLY FUNCTION. THE BRAIN AND NERVOUS SYSTEM ARE SIMPLY A SERIES OF RECEPTOR/NERVE PATHWAYS LINKED TO EACH OTHER IN A “NERVE NETWORK SYSTEM”. EACH PART OF THIS NETWORK SYSTEM DEPENDS ON THE FREQUENCY OF FIRING FROM ALL THE OTHER PARTS. Lowered frequency of firing of various nerve pathways leading into the brain caused by old sprains, scars from surgery, cuts, needle punctures, dental work, etc; as well as organ weaknesses; chemical sensitivities; negative emotional experiences of all types and the consequential decreased firing rate of the brain itself, can lead to altered neurological function and explain the widespread effects seen throughout the entire body. Receptors in the joints and muscles are some of the most powerful stimulators of brain function. Movement (or stimulation of the receptors) of your joints and muscles actually help the brain work, and stimulation of the receptors in certain joints and muscles have more effect on the brain than others. Recent scientific information and studies suggest that it is the stimulation of these joint and muscle receptors, and the consequential change in the frequency of firing of various brain centers, that helps to explain the dynamic physical changes seen throughout the body following some chiropractic adjustments.

Neuro-Immune (Allergies) and Neuro-Emotional Dysfunction

There is growing scientific evidence that the various frequencies within the brain and nervous system are also connected with other “communication systems” in the body. The Neuro-Endocrine-Immune system (known as Psycho-NeuroImmunology), which has now been conclusively shown to be intimately related to the nervous system, sends communicating chemicals throughout the body via a “cascading” mechanism to effect the function of every cell. This plays a very important role in our physical and emotional health (moods, addictions, etc.) and is also connected to inappropriate immune function (allergies. sensitivities, auto-immune disorders and immune deficiency disorders). THESE CHEMICAL MEDIATORS (COMMUNICATORS) ARE ACTUALLY RELEASED AS A RESULT OF THE FREQUENCY OF THE NERVE CENTERS WITHIN THE BRAIN AND NERVOUS SYSTEM THAT ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PRODUCING THEM. OF COURSE, AS DISCUSSED EARLIER. THE FREQUENCY OF FIRING OF THESE NERVE CENTERS ARE ULTIMATELY DEPENDENT ON SENSORY INPUT. ESPECIALLY FROM CERTAIN AREAS OF THE SPINE.

Electromagnetic Frequency – Adaptation

The human body must also follow physical electromagnetic laws. In electromagnetic physics, scientists can easily measure the electrical field generated around electrical wires when current (frequencies) flows through them. Changes in the frequencies of firing within a wire can change the field. We use this phenomenon everyday with electric motors. Also, changes in the field affects the frequencies that travel along the wire. This is how electrical generators/alternators work. In humans, we have a similar situation. We have electrical impulses (frequencies) traveling along wires (nerves and nerve networks). We can measure the electromagnetic field in and around the human body generated by these frequencies of electrical impulses traveling through it. This is known as the “bio-energetic field” or “aura”. We have yet to map all the communication frequencies operating in and around our bodies.

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