You may have done it lifting a box, swinging a golf club, or grabbing up a runaway child. You may not know when it happened. You do know you are in pain and you want it stopped. Your general practitioner diagnoses a “sprain or strain,” gives you a prescription, and assures you it’ll “go away.”

Will the pain go away? Will you heal? Why does this same sprain/strain thing happen every time you exert yourself…and, sometimes, when you don’t? Why is strong medication for pain the only response; is that really the smartest answer? You wonder what that doctor meant when he said it would “go away”-did he mean the pain or your health?

Here are some answers about sprain/strain injuries that you may not get elsewhere. First, there is a specific reason certain parts of your body seem more prone to injury. Depending on what you do, some parts just work harder and more often and receive more stress. It’s easy to see why the delivery person gets low back strain or a baseball pitcher could get shoulder injuries. This is not always true, though. Otherwise, all delivery people would have low back strains and all pitchers…

The issue centers around right body positioning and proper movement. There are certainly right and wrong ways to move. But, aside from learning how to correctly lift or throw, there are other elements of strength and balance which are even more fundamental, where having something wrong might invite a sprain/strain injury.

The body’s structure was created to be balanced. Your left side matches your right. Right? Your bones were created equal on both sides to support your two arms, two legs, two cheeks, etc. The spine specifically, is central to the skeleton, supports the head, and houses the nerve roots that run information to and from the brain to tell the body how to work. No muscle, organ, or any other tissue can move, secrete, absorb, renew itself, or function at all without direction from the brain by way of the nerve system.

Any imbalance in how the spinal bones line up may interfere with the working balance of the nerve system. In fact, misalignments of the spinal bones create nerve pressure to the point that the body is at definite risk of not getting the information to function and maintain its health. Blood may not flow properly, muscles may be paralyzed or over stimulated (numbness or cramping) and unable to move right or protect themselves from moving too much and causing damage. The damage caused can be a “sprain/strain.”

Sprains and strains are painful, but they can heal, eventually. To speed up healing, and make sure it stays healthy, it is vital to give the muscles and ligaments back the nerve information they need to protect that area. Chiropractic deals, specifically, with the proper balance and alignment of the spinal bones. With the spine balanced, the nerve system has greater capacity to keep the body functioning correctly. The sprain/strain WILL go away, and you may find better overall health than ever thought possible. Try our chiropractic strength and balancing act. Call us now.

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