Sinusitis - Bugs Up Your Nose?

Sinusitis – Bugs Up Your Nose?

Did you know that we all have what’s called “normal flora” up our noses? The truth is some kinds of bacteria (“normal flora”) live out their lives in our sinus cavities. They can’t really bother us-except when certain unhealthy conditions exist in the sinuses that allow bacteria to grow easily and quickly.

Sinusitis is the inflammation of the lining of the membranes of any of the paranasal sinuses. This inflammation causes a swelling of the mucosa (the mucous membrane) which begins to over-produce secretions. The narrow channels that provide mucous drainage become swollen and clogged. This is fertile breeding ground where bacteria can multiply quickly and cause infection.

While all this is happening, of course, sinusitis sufferers are quite miserable. Symptoms include runny noses, headaches, dizziness, difficulty breathing through the nose and sore throats. Because the sinuses are directly attached to the rest of the respiratory system, sinusitis can make asthma and bronchitis worse. Here is the point to all these ugly details: Bacteria do not cause sinusitis, any more than flies cause garbage. The original trigger for the problem is the inflammation of the sinuses. Often, the cause of the inflammation is the body’s inability to deal with something in the air.

Frequently, an antibiotic is prescribed to help the body subdue the bacteria. However, because we now must deal with mutant superbugs that are extremely resistant to available medicine, treatment of sinusitis needs a new, effective approach.

Chiropractic care uses a safe, natural approach to treat the cause of sinusitis. Because the nervous system controls the body’s ability to fight infection, a healthy nervous system is critical to avoid or get rid of sinusitis. Interference with the nervous system always results in malfunction of the body in some way.

In the case of sinusitis, the body has lost proper function of the sinuses, creating a breeding ground for bacteria.
A healthy nerve system with no interference means the bugs won’t be “bugging” you. Let us help you become a better bug “exterminator.” Call our office today.

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