You are looking at this marvelous house—you think you might buy it. From the outside, it looks comfortable and in excellent condition. You go through the door and immediately begin to see some disturbing signs. Something about it is “off”. Its lines don’t run true. Cracks. Cockeyed doorways. You check out the plumbing and it groans. Some of the lights flicker. Is this house possessed? Or worse?

If you have had any experience with this kind of thing, you have already guessed that this house is the victim of foundation problems. With the foundation compromised, the entire house suffers.

As with the house, the condition of your body’s foundation affects your wholeness and health. As with the house, problems with your body do not all show up at once. First the underlying damage occurs– maybe a plumbing leak under the foundation in the house. With your body, it could well be an imbalance in your pelvic area– seemingly minor at first. Then little aches and pains begin to show up, just like the cracks and the counters pulling away from the walls of the house.

Your pelvis, sacrum, and ilia (hip bones) work like the foundation of a house. As the foundation holds up the structure, these grouped bones create the foundation of your spine. Your spine, to keep your head erect, must make up for any shifting or imbalance in the foundation. Imbalances here can cause stresses on the body at this level and farther up the spine. Compensations are made and the wholeness of the structure is compromised. Dysfunction and pain often follow, and with time, the pain increases.

New literature published in the Journal of Rheumatology finds links between sacroiliac disorders and inflammatory bowel disease including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. These individuals also had inflammatory back pain and other conditions affecting the area. A significant number of these individuals were not symptomatic. This means that, though their foundation was not right, they did not have any symptoms, YET. (The outside of the house seems fine while the inside is falling apart.)

Chiropractic care has shown to be very effective in correcting the misalignments of the spine’s foundation. Setting the foundation of the spine straight helps the house stand corrected. Your body is structurally balanced and sturdy with a better condition of wholeness and health through chiropractic care. Take a minute to call us and make your next chiropractic appointment so we can set you straight.

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