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Tallahassee nutrition

You may have health problems long before you experience symptoms!

It’s a scary thought—but very possible. Fortunately, there is a way to find out. The Science Based Nutrition™ program can determine one’s nutritional status by analyzing that person’s blood, hair, urine and stools. Based on the results of this in-depth screening, a nutritional, drug-free program designed for your unique needs is provided.

Comprehensive Nutritional Blood Analysis:

The blood chemistry panel provides a baseline of biomarkers that allow the healthcare provider to track your health, nutritional needs, and progress. Some of the findings of this analysis include:

  • Problems (such as diseases) you may have and be unaware of
  • Dietary adjustments that should be made
  • Lifestyle changes that should occur
  • Effectiveness of supplements you are taking

Why Other Blood Tests Don’t Tell Your Unique Story

Many blood tests use “Normal Ranges” to report the findings. If your results fall within that range, you will probably be told you are “normal.” Unfortunately, this does not automatically mean you are completely healthy.

The “normal range” is established by using the results of 100-200 people who tested recently at particular laboratory and then averaging the results. This midpoint is the “normal.” There are several problems with this approach

The results aren’t standardized rather each lab has its own “normal.” The wellness of the 100-200 people used in the sample has not been established; many may have health problems themselves. The term “normal” in this scenario is relative and not individualized to one’s personal set of circumstances.

The Science Based Nutrition™ program, with its tailored approach, does make it your story and allows your healthcare provider to guide you based on your singular needs.

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