THAT ARTHUR ITIS! What A Pain! I’d end my relationship with him in a snap of my fingers, If I could only get my poor fingers to work!

Recently, I heard someone say, “I used to not believe in chiropractic, but I do now.” What really made me smile was the notion that chiropractic was something you could believe or disbelieve.

This question of believing is funny: Primitive man believed that the sun helped plants to grow. Belief in the sun’s power was so great that some cultures made the sun a god. Now, of course, scientific evidence supports the fact that the sun does help plants grow. We wouldn’t think to ask, “Do I believe this?”

Hippocrates, “the father of medicine,” believed that problems with the spine were “the cause of all disease and infirmity”. Today, through scientific evidence, we know that a healthy nerve system is good. A nerve system that is damaged by having nerves choked off by spinal bones locked out of place is bad. Removing the interferences so that the nerves can carry out healthy function is good. Leaving spinal bones misaligned, is not only bad, is an invitation to arthritis.

Most of us believe in this villain “Arthur Itis”. We’ve been told that he’s the reason we are having pain and loss of mobility. We’ve been told that the pain won’t really go away and we’ll “just have to live with it”.

Chiropractic doesn’t look at arthritis this way. We know that arthritis is a condition where the joints are inflamed. The possible reasons for joints being irritated are overuse and friction from joints that are misaligned and rubbing against each other.

What Doctors of Chiropractic do is correct the misalignment, assisting the body to return to full, healthy function. We work carefully to remove the interferences to normal joint mobility and healthy nerve supply.

Call today and let us help you to try to eliminate “Arthur Itis” from your life.

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