Few ailments hold a candle to a constant pain in the head. There are many types of headaches that plague millions of Americans each year and one of the worst forms of headaches is a migraine. Migraine headaches are characterized as a severe, painful headache lasting for hours or days, often along with visual symptoms, tingling in the extremities, sensitivity to all sorts of sensory triggers like sight, sound and smells.  Migraine headaches are often accompanied by  nausea and vomiting. Over 90% of migraine sufferers are unable to work or function normally.

 There are many lifestyle triggers that  contribute to the risk of a migraine attack. Most Americans who suffer with migraines experience symptoms consistently throughout days, weeks, months and even sometimes years.  At times these people often become hopeless. Migraine headaches represent one of the worst pains that people experience.  The pain is often described as the person’s head is actually in a vise clamp that is continually being tightened.  There is often a pressure that comes from the back of the head to the back of the person’s eyes that makes the easiest tasks during the day almost seem to be impossible to perform.  Migraine headache sufferers have to face troubling decisions about their long term health as very often they have to take multiple prescription drugs just to get them through the day.  These drugs usually only mask the pain for a period of time and are often the cause of side effects that may be even worse than the pain.  Tingling or numbness, nausea, drowsiness, and tightness in the chest and throat are some of the most common side effects of this class of drugs. Very often the person may experience a rebound headache which is a headache that is actually caused by the migraine drugs.   These drugs rarely truly provide healing or address the source of the pain in the first place.

Our migraine headache patients, like all of our patients, deserve a future filled with hope and prospect of true healing and relief. Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic spinal adjustments provide relief to millions of migraine sufferers by releasing pressure and stress from the upper part of the spine and nervous system. A research study from  2015 revealed that patients who received upper cervical adjustments reduced their drug consumption by 80%, lowered days of migraines per month by 97%, and experienced an amazing decrease in pain and functional disability associated with migraines by 100%.  People suffering from migraines and other chronic types of headaches deserve to know about the benefits achieved through Chiropractic care.

Other lifestyle factors affect the intensity and frequency of migraine headaches as well.  Nutrition, stress and hormonal imbalance can greatly affect the severity of the headaches. The nervous system is at the very center of all these factors.  The brain and nervous system direct the functioning of the entire body.   Atlas Orthogonists assess and address specific areas of function in the nervous system through appropriate care of the spine. Through aligning the cranio-cervical junction we can reduce stress in the nervous system and help the body work the way it should.  People that suffer from migraine headaches deserve to know about and experience the benefits achieved through Atlas Orthogonal adjustments.

Here are Five lifestyle tips to address the cause of migraine headaches:

1) Atlas Orthogonal adjustments to correct spinal alignment and pressure in the upper neck.

2) Remove low nutrient food that have artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives.

3) Increase water intake to approximately 1/2 your body weight in ounces.  (200 lb person should drink 100 oz of water a day.)

4) Increase high quality sleep.  7-9 hours for adults, 10-12 hours of sleep for children under 13.

5) Engage in regular body movement through exercise and increased heart rate.  The best type is High Intensity Interval Training.  Look it up.

Ultimately your health is your responsibility.  Take it seriously and you will live a long and healthy life!

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