After a full day of physical work it is natural that we are comfortably tired. After a full night’s rest, we awake ready to face a new day with vim, vigor and vitality.

But what would cause us to feel like we are running out of gas at three or four o’clock in the afternoon. Or worse yet, wake up almost as tired as when we went to bed?

There can be a number of contributing factors to excessive tiredness. In the majority of cases there is usually more than one factor involved. Not receiving the proper rest needed is probably the most easily understood reason for tiredness. This often shows up in the individual who works excessively, maybe working double shifts, and doesn’t give the body a chance to recuperate through rest and recreation.

A factor to the “I’m tired” syndrome is intense thinking involving fear, worry, anger, jealousy, etc. Stress from such thinking is like floorboarding the gas pedal in your car with the transmission in neutral. You expend a lot of energy and get nowhere!!

Some authorities say we can use up as much as 80% of our energies at night digesting a late, large meal.

The ignition and electrical system of a car is comparable to the nervous system of the human body. Due to falls, injuries or stress, the human spine can be twisted or curved until it begins to put pressure on or irritate the spinal cord and its branches that exit from between the vertebrae. When this occurs, chronic fatigue or tiredness can result.

Regardless of the cause of chronic tiredness, the fastest way to restore the body’s nervous system to normal is through chiropractic adjustments to the spine. A good night’s sleep may be only a phone call away!! Call our office today!!

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